Catalog marketing: Why you should still do it

These days, one might wonder about the effectiveness of catalogs in marketing. Are they still in? If you’re interested in a catalog printing DFW Printing Company offers, then we’ll tell you why you’re making the right decision.

Are catalogs still effective for selling products?

Yes, very much! In fact, by investing in catalog and online book printing services, you’ll have productive drivers of sales.

Did you know that people are more likely to buy products if they see them in catalogs?

Kurt Salmon, an international consulting agency, interviewed women who were 18–30 years old. They found that they bought products after seeing them in a catalog.

So, if you’re selling cosmetics, handbags, or heels, you wouldn’t go wrong if you invest in catalog marketing. All you have to do is be creative and then find a cheap catalog printing service.

Catalogs also help build your brand loyalty.

If you want to build brand loyalty, you should start with product awareness. One easy, cheap, and effective way to do that is by printing catalogs.

Did you know that people still check out a company even after buying their products online? You have to tap into this area and take advantage.

Everyone sends out emails these days. Why not stand out, invest in the catalog printing DFW Printing Company provides, and send catalogs to your regular shoppers?

They will surely appreciate the gesture. This allows you to form an engaging customer relationship with them. As a result, your brand loyalty will boost.

Just don’t get lazy with producing interesting content, alright?

Catalogs are a cherry on top for your customer experience.

Let’s say you’ve already hired a Facebook Ads manager. Your campaigns are going well. People buy your stuff. However, you still feel like something is missing.

On your website or your Facebook page, you browse the testimonials. There isn’t much to see—people are only giving you three to four stars. You try to find a common denominator of the comments; but alas, you find none.

Perhaps you need to put more effort into your customer experience.

You need to do impress them. Show them that you are outstanding.

And how do you that? You do something out of the ordinary.

Now, looking at your competitors, you notice most of them are already deep into social media marketing.

Why not try the catalog printing DFW Printing Company has today and boost your customer experience?

Optimizing your customers’ omni-channel experience

Your customers need to know that you’re interested in them. If you’re successful in communicating this, the rewards will be tenfold.

Remember our tip about using catalogs to build brand loyalty?

Couple that with your social media marketing efforts and you can amplify your customer experience to an astounding degree.

Catalogs are effective sales channels. So, not only will you generate sales but also complete your customers’ shopping experience.

With catalogs, they get to engage with something tangible and personal. The photos will be more vivid and you’ll have zero competition for their attention.

Now, that is something a Facebook ad can never replicate.

Want to get started with your print marketing campaign?

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