EC Versus AC and DC: The Differences and Benefits Between Fan Motors


Engineers nowadays, especially in Australia, have at least three major choices of motors namely, AC motors, DC motors, and EC fans motors. But, do you the difference between the three? Read on and find out!

The Difference Between AC, DC, and EC Motors

DC motors are one type of electrical machine that converts direct energy into mechanical energy. This type of motor greatly relies on carbon brushes and a commutation ring to redirect the current in a rotor.

DC motors are known to be efficient, but they somehow lose such efficiency when the initial resistance, brush friction, and eddy-current also losses.

AC fans motors are another type of electric motor which uses alternating current (where AC comes from). The two basic parts (usually found in AC induction motors) namely, the outside stator and the inside rotor, are both supplied with alternating current to produce two sets of the magnetic field.

However, the magnetic field generated by the rotor may be produced by slip rings, DC or AC electrical windings, or permanent magnets. AC motors are said to be less efficient when compared to DC motors as the former only operate at a certain point of the performance curve. Once it reaches the efficiency peak, it simply drops significantly.

EC motors are DC motors controlled by an external circuit board or variable-frequency drive -only that these are brushless. In fact, this type of motor is also called Brushless DC Electric Motor or Synchronous DC Motor.

Benefits of EC Fans Motors

EC fans motors are now the most used motors as these are considered the most efficient compared with other types of motors. Find out why many people use EC fans motors in Australia:

30% more efficient than AC fans motors

EC fans motors are said to be more efficient of up to 30% compared to other motors because of various reasons. First, the EC motors electricity input continually adjusts to efficiently utilise energy. Second, the magnetic field usually comes from permanent magnets instead of copper windings.Visit here EDINGTON AGENCIES

Another thing is that an EC fan motor’s mechanical commutation is replaced by electronic circuitry, supplying the armature current at the right time and in the right direction. This makes EC fans motors Australia energy efficient in whatever industry.

Can be easily controlled

By using wireless controller software for EC fans, it can be easier to control such motors. You can control the speed, ramp-up time, and the greenhouse. It usually makes use of an encrypted data to secure the sender and receiver.

Longer lifespan

When compared to AC fans and other DC fans motor range, EC fans have a longer lifespan because of its much lower temperature compared to AC and DC fans. Another thing is that EC fans are brushless, making it independent to these things that eventually wear out.

With integrated frequency control

With an integrated frequency converter, EC fans can be controlled electronically via software programmed in your computer. With such technology, every function and part of the EC fans motors is controlled to adjust to load demands and usage, making these types of motors efficient and environment-friendly.

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