Why Software Outsourcing is Good For Startups

Mobile app outsourcing is common nowadays but should startups do it? A lot of companies that are very successful in the technology sector generally hire offshore teams to develop their mobile applications. Outsourcing is very attractive in the current business environment. Innovation in the communications technology such as the rise of the remote collaboration tools along with prevalent broadband connection around the globe makes it very easy for companies to work with the mobile app development teams in an almost office-like environment. The huge geographical barriers literally disappear once you deploy robust online collaboration tools.

Companies are able to deploy and leverage distributed software development where it is possible for these entities to hire the most appropriate candidates in the global marketplace in order to meet their mobile app outsourcing needs.

But start-ups are not established companies and as a result, their needs may differ in some ways. While established companies may have established systems and may also need a little scaling up or some disruptive innovation to add to the existing infrastructure, the startups are literally building all systems from scratch.

There is also a high likelihood that the startup is short on funds and manpower. They will therefore be looking for ways of cutting costs as much as possible while trying to make the business work using very limited resources. Startups also face other challenges. Experienced developers capable of delivering excellent software products may not be so enthused about working with the startups due to the high risk levels. Due to the high risks involved with the startups, some developers will generally ask for high fees working for your startup.

All these challenges will drive many startups towards outsourcing their software development projects. Startups will look for outsourcing talent that is specialized in certain areas of the business where they may not have the right expertise themselves. These can include areas such as intellectual property matters, scoping or even the requirements gathering for the projects.

Mobile app outsourcing also a means through which these startups can cut down on the costs of software development. Before outsourcing mobile software development, it is important to understand the core of your startup company. If the app will have a strong dependence on programming skills and you do not have these on board, then mobile software outsourcing will be a foregone conclusion as the cost of maintaining an in-house developer is even higher.

When outsourcing your mobile software development, it is also crucial to determine the level of service that you need and the number of developers that you will need for the project. In some software projects, you may only need specific skills such as integration of software tools while some projects require broader talents.

When it comes to outsourcing your software development, there are various talented individuals that you can hire. These include the following:

·         Adding a dev to the team

·         Hiring a Freelancer or Independent Contractor

·         Hiring a dedicated application development company

When hiring developers, it is also important to sum up the total costs in order to determine whether the investment is worth at the time and whether your startup can actually afford it. One of the best advantages of outsourcing is that you will be able to easily hit your deadlines when you have time constraints. When outsourcing application development, take your time to find the right team for the job.